I love our city and I would be honored to be your voice for change and the betterment of our Houston community.
Marina Angelica Coryat

Houston’s Flooding and Drainage Issues

Addressing flooding and drainage issues is critical in shaping a sustainable and thriving Houston, a city all too familiar with the devastating impact of floodwaters. As your candidate for the Houston City Council At-Large 2 seat, I am committed to robust, innovative solutions that safeguard our homes and businesses against the ravages of flooding. I’ll collaborate with engineers, urban planners, and the community to devise and implement proactive, resilient infrastructural enhancements. Let’s unite to safeguard Houston against future flood events, ensuring our vibrant city not only survives but thrives for generations to come!

Elevating Essential City Services for a Thriving Houston

A thriving city hinges upon the reliability and efficiency of its fundamental services, and I’m committed to ensuring that Houston is no exception. For too long, issues like inconsistent recycling pickup, challenges with our water safety, and persistent potholes have impacted our daily lives and our local environment. In my pursuit of the Houston City Council At-Large 2 seat, my commitment is unwavering in elevating the standard and reliability of our city services. Let’s reshape our city services, making them robust and resilient, to ensure a bright, sustainable future for all Houstonians!

A Safe and Secure Houston: Our Shared Vision

Public safety is paramount for all Houstonians, ensuring our neighborhoods are secure, and our families and businesses are protected. In my candidacy for the Houston City Council At-Large 2 seat, I pledge to prioritize the safety of every citizen by strengthening our police force, fire department, and emergency medical services. We’ll work to build robust partnerships among communities and public safety agencies, fostering an environment where all can live without fear. Let’s build a future where every Houstonian is safe, secure, and proud of their city!

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